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Applicant/Employee Verification, Authorization and Release

I authorize Community Action Alger Marquette to investigate all statements contained in this application (and accompanying resume, if any). I also authorize Community Action Alger Marquette to conduct a background check which may include, without limitation, contacting past employers and references, conducting an investigation of my personal history, a Department of Human Services Clearance, a National Sex Offenders Registry Clearance and a criminal background check

I understand that applicants who misrepresent or omit any material facts on this application or during any subsequent interview may not be hired or if hired, and found to have made a misrepresentation may be terminated immediately and I agree that Community Action Alger Marquette shall not be held liable in any respect if I am not hired or terminated for that reason. If employed, I agree to observe all rules, regulations, policies and procedures of Community Action Alger Marquette.

All Community Action Alger Marquette employees are at-will employees.

Neither this employment application nor any of the company’s policies or procedures shall be considered a contract or guarantee of employment or continuation of employment. I understand this application is only current for 180 days. At the conclusion of this time, if I have not heard from Community Action Alger Marquette and still wish to be considered for employment, it will be necessary to update this application.

Type of Employment
Were you previously employed with Community Action Alger Marquette?
Have you been convicted of a felony in the last seven (7) years?

(Such conviction may be relevant if job related, but does not bar you from employment)

Are you a Head Start Parent?
Does Community Action Alger Marquette currently employ anyone related to you?
Are you currently related to any person on the Community Action Alger Marquette Board of Directors?
Have you lived in Michigan for the past ten (10) years?
May we contact this employer?
May we contact this employer?
School 1 Status
School 2 Status
School 3 Status